< Cutting with plate shears

You can cut silver, gold and platinum with plate shears if the metal thickness is 0.8 mm or less. The quality of the plate shears is here crucial. Small plate shears should have circular rings at the back.

You can buy bigger plate shears in a specialized shop or you look out where the roofers and tilers buy their tools. Prefigure the intersection line with a permanent pen. Use only the part of the shear, which is located next to the leverage point. That means that you put the metal-sheet as far as possible into the shears.

< Cutting with a cutter(side-cutter)

You can cut gold, silver and platinum profiles with a cutter up to a diameter of 3 mm. Here you also have to use the part of the cutter, which is located next to the leverage point.(Center of rotation)

You find more information about cutting precious metal in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"

< Cutting with a goldsmithsaw

Silver, gold and platinum in sheets, plates and profile forms can be cut with the goldsmithsaw. You can also cut out various forms with it. Even patterns and lines can be made.

Buy saw blades with a strength of 0/0. Put them into the saw. You may pull the saw. The blade should be strained well. IMPORTANT: Do not exert pressure on the material! If you are a beginner just try to go up and down without any pressure on the metal you want to cut. Make long draws with little or no pressure to start with.

For beginners: Do not count the first thousand saw blades.
You find more information about working with the goldsmith-saw in Tutorial No. 2 - Just click "HERE"

< Drilling and milling

For drilling use an handdrillmachine like a Proxxon for example. Buy the stronger machine with integrated power supply. Start drilling holes with a diameter of 1 mm. Use oil to drill. You can use the same machine for milling. Start with little balls and roller(cylindricals) cutters.