If the silver jewelry is clean and has no galvanic cover,(is not painted, unblackened, no gemstones, no steel- springs) you can glow and pickle it easily. (Look at my pages cleaning jewelry with pickling) If pickling is not possible there are some other opportunities:

Use 1000 sandpaper for polished surfaces. Then you can use leather and rub it off strongly with diamantine(Polishing Powder).

< There are special baths for silverjewelry.
< Use a special cleaning cloth for jewelry.

Matt surfaces:

Rub it off with a toothbrush, water and pumice (powder).
Rub it off with a fiberglass-pen. Wear protective gloves of leather. After having used the pen, you should clean the jewelry with a soft brush. Go outside when you use the pen!

Attention: If your jewelry is gilted, do not rub the gold off!

Sometimes you can also put the jewelry into hot water with washing-up liquid . Then you should brush it off with a soft brush.

You can find many filmclips about basic goldsmith-techniques in the tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"