A goldsmith-apprenticeship normally takes about three years.
You should think carefully about becoming a goldsmith or making a goldsmith-apprenticeship, because goldsmiths often donīt earn that much money. There are also often many works like repairs, soldering small chains or polishing and working with casted jewelry. This wonīt be the main thing you like to do, but you will have to. Very often you canīt work creatively if you are working for somebody else.

Because of this, many goldsmiths try to open their own store or to be self-employed, but over 50 % quit doing it after some time.

You should do a practical training at a goldsmith-store or a goldsmith-studio or a jewelry fabrication before you start your goldsmith apprenticeship.

Or you attend one of my courses: [tp-gold.com]

Itīs also very hard to find an apprenticeship, and if you search for one, you will need much of patience and time and courage.

If you learning the job of goldsmithing for being self-employed one day, you should be able to sell (things), being creatively and know something about marketing.

There are many different stories about how goldsmiths found their job:

< I know some very good goldsmiths who learned goldsmithing by themself.

< Some goldsmiths started selling jewelry in a store.

< Some of them started with being a watchmaker before they become goldsmiths.

< There are also some goldsmiths who started by selling on markets.

< Some goldsmiths started with selling gemstones.

< You can also get a job by advertising in an international goldsmith magazin like the GZ for example.

You can find many filmclips about basic goldsmith-techniques in the tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"