First you should buy carving wax (file a wax) which is also used in dental labs. You can buy it as a block, as a disk (sheets) or as special ring profiles.

This kind of wax can be carved, filed, milled, drilled and sawed. You can file down the wax quickly with a wood file. Carving and milling are also very quick possibilities for working on wax. When the outer form is completed, the whole form must be milled hollow. After having milled the wax model, the thickness of the material should finally be 1 mm up to 1.5 mm.

Now send the wax model to a company who embeds it into plaster. The plaster form will be heated up so that the wax will vanish. The hot plaster form will be filled with melted silver or gold. After the silver or gold model is completed, they will send it back to you.

In this process, the wax model gets lost!

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