If you solder a jewelry several times you can use solders (hard solder or brazing solder) with different melting points.

There are three different solders for nearly all jewelry-alloys. There are the first, the second, and the third solder. The first one has the highest, and the third one has the lowest melting point. You can also call them hard, medium and light. You mustnīt confuse it with soft solder. Soft solder is destroying precious-metal alloys when you use it with an open flame.

In our goldsmith courses tp-gold.com we only use hard silversolder, light silversolder and a selfmade goldsolder.

My recommendation: Buy
10 gram of hard silversolder (No.1)
5 gram of light silversolder (No.3)

For your own personal use you can mix 2 gram of hard silversolder with 2 gram of 18 karat gold. In this way, you can get a quite good goldsolder.

Always start soldering with the hard (No.1) solder!
First cut vertically stripes, then you can cut horizontally.
You get little metal plates which are called solder-paillons.

If you want to solder silver together with gold, you can also use the silversolder.

You find more information and filmclips about solder and soldering with the flame in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"