In my goldsmithcourses Iīm often asked for the reusability of teethgold.

There are more than 100 of teethgold-alloys which often have a high quality. Many teethgold-alloys have a higher fineness than 18 karat (750) gold. But despite itīs high quality, often its color doesnīt look very good for jewelry purposes. Teethgold-alloys are also very often very hard because they have to be durable.

You can test teethgold-alloys for its reusability in the following way:

You start to remove remainig parts of old-teeth with a normal hammer. Put the teethgold onto a hard base (iron) and beat on it with the hammer strongly.

You should wear protective goggles.

When the gold is cleaned, you can melt it.

Itīs quite good, if the gold looks like a drop when you melted it.

Then it must be softglowed(to be annealed). After cooling it in water, it must be forged flat.

Overall it should be annealed and forged three times. If no cracks arise when you forge it, the chance for its reusability is quite high.

You find an filmclip "how to work with old gold-teeth" in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"