Pure precious metals are very soft. Because of this, jewelry is often made out of alloyed precious metals. The alloyed metal can be used in a very thin state. It is used for reducing weight, to stabilize the metal and saving money.

In our goldsmith-courses tp-gold.com we just use very high alloyed and valuable gold and silver alloys. Thatīs much more easier for beginners.

Example: 8 kt (333) gold is often very brittle, breaks easily and itīs very hard to smith. Also itīs very red, so beginners shouldnt work with it.

Alloying is just mixing metals!


The mixing-ratio of copper and silver can be very different. The more copper is used, the more the alloy gets colored red-gold. For beginners itīs easier to work with yellow gold.

White gold is a very raw and dull shining metal, which get its typical chrome shine by a galvanic cover of rhodium.

White gold should just be alloyed by professionals.


There are some more relatively unimportant silver alloys, for example 800 silver which is used for cutlery. Thereīs also a 935 silver, which can be used in the same way as 925 silver.

You find an filmclip "how to make an alloy" in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"