You can get a very good useful summary over the goldsmith-tools by ordering a printed tool catalogue.

For example the catalogue from Fischer (Germany):

Firma Fischer
Berliner Str. 18
Postfach 567
D-75105 Pforzheim

You don´t need many tools to beginn with. Use my list of tools in tutorial No. 1!
You can also use my list of tool ordering-numbers in Tutorial No. 2! - Just click "HERE"
Buy 240 and 1000 granulated sandpaper, a plastic-hammer(mallet) and a 500gramm or 400gramm hammer in a tool market.

Browsing in the net I found interesting Jewelery-Kits offered by:

More good places to buy tools in Germany are:

Burgkoppel 5
D-23566 Lübeck

-Zu Jeddeloh

You find more information about tools in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"