Finegold and finesilver
Finegold and finesilver are two ingenious opportunities for beginners to manufracture jewelry quickly and simply. Both metals are very smooth and they are mostly used in a higher material thickness. If you bend the material it become increasingly harder. In our goldsmith-courses:

we use this effect to set stones. We are making special gemstonesettings out of finesilver or finegold.

In our goldsmith courses you can see how easy it is to use our special system to set gemstones into your jewelry. On less than one day, you can learn how to set up to three gems into your jewelry.

Putting finegold into a contrast with silver looks very exciting.

You can weld finegold on finesilver quickly and simply. Then you forge it into the fine-silver-surface.
You can find pictures on

Jewelry made out of finegold is a good opportunity for saving values, and itīs also very easy to transport.

Jewelry made out of finesilver doesnīt get black as fast as normal silver.

You find more information about finegold and finesilver in Tutorial No.2 - Just click "HERE"

100 g finesilver and finegold bars are very useful. You can divide and forge them easily.

Forge and heat it up alternately.

If you glow (anneal)it, the color is more orange than dark-red.