Thomas Proft
Basic knowledge of craftmanship
to make Jewellery
in gold, silver and platinum

beginners, advanced learners, hobby goldsmith, vocational preparation, traineeship, etc.
You should take profit:
of my 20 years experience in being a goldsmith teacher and being a mastergoldsmith with international knowledge since over 30 years. Over 4000 people participated in my classes.

Tutorial 1

Over 100 basic tipps and tricks. Absolutely free !!!!!!
Tutorial 2
Over 25 film-clips for your successfull entrance in how to make jewellery. Short and simple videos about the basic techniques of goldsmithing. Directly from your mastergoldsmith.
10,- Euro
Tutorial 3
Three turbo-fast rings in gold, silver and platinum. You can make these rings very, very fast as they are very easy to accomplish. You buy filmclips for each ring with explanations how to make it.
12,- Euro
The basic techniques of goldsmithing as a"Podcast." Learn how to make jewellery in the car, plane, train or on the beach with these Podcast Units. Over 20 lessons, easy to follow and easy to understand.         10,- Euro

Tutorial 5
Two rings out of pure silver(finesilver-rings). Also very fast to produce. For Beginners and advanced learners. A picture-story with 13 pictures plus the step by step explanations.
5,- Euro